Here is the link to the recording on Step 3:
If you’ve already listened to the first two Steps, Step 3 is next. If you haven’t, you can try skipping around a bit to find the beginning of Step 3, or you can start from the beginning and hear a refresher of Steps 1 and 2!

Here is a short reading on Step 3:
Step 3: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.

What Step 3 Is:
In Step Three, we make a decision to turn our will and our lives — also known as our thoughts, feelings, and actions — over to the care of God as we understand God.

Here the story of three frogs on a log applies: Three frogs were on a log. All three made a decision to jump. How many frogs were left on the log? All three! They made the decision but didn’t take the action. All we are doing here in the Third Step is making the decision. Working the rest of the Steps is where our decision turns into action!

We say something to our Higher Power to commit to this. You can say “God, help!” or you could say something more formal or you could say something from your heart to your Higher Power.

What Is Optional:
Some of us have wanted to wait until we have perfectly “finished” this Step before we wanted to move to Step Four. For example, Dani assumed that she had to wait until she was perfectly asking for God’s will and following it in her life before moving on in the Steps. Not so! At this stage, you are making the decision; you haven’t yet begun to implement it!

You also don’t have to have a relationship or repair a relationship with a Higher Power. You don’t have to “choose a religion”. You don’t have to heal your relationship with your previous spiritual path or your previous religion.

Furthermore, you don’t have to call your Higher Power “God” (but you can if you like!) or Higher Power or anything at all. Sometimes people even talk about “God as we didn’t understand God”, because you don’t have to know who or what God is in order to do this Step! You will get to know your Higher Power as you work the rest of the Steps, especially in Step 11, which is part of the daily part of the Program.

The Promises: 

The 3rd step promises tell us that, when we sincerely make this decision…
* We gain a new “employer”.
* We become less and less interested in ourselves, our plans and designs, and more and more interested in seeing what we can contribute to life. 
* We feel new power flow in to our lives. 
* We begin to enjoy peace of mind. 
* We begin to become conscious of the presence of whatever it is that we’re turning everything over to. 
* We begin to lose our fear of today, tomorrow, or the hereafter. 
That is A LOT. It’s not a hugely long list, but it’s some incredibly powerful stuff.
I was going to go into a little detail here about what each one of these means and what these promises look like as they begin to come true in our lives. But ha ha ha, no I wasn’t: I was going to go into A TON OF DETAIL, because I am happily incapable of going into a “little” detail about anything relating to the 12 steps, 12 traditions, or 12 concepts of service.
So we will have to have separate post about each of these. And each one is probably going to be ridiculously long just by ITSELF!  🙂