Concept 3: To insure effective leadership, we should endow each element of COSA, “the Annual Meeting”, the International Service Organization of COSA and its service committees, contracted worker, and executives with a traditional Right of Decision.

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Concept 3 simply says that at each level, the Board, the Delegate Meeting, the Committees, any Workers, and any Executives (meaning those who are executing decisions) are given a Right of Decision.

This means that when someone is being of service, we allow them to follow their own conscience as to the best way to convey or deliver the group conscience of those they have been entrusted to serve.

The simplest and possibly clearest example of this is that of the Meeting Delegate, who is chosen to represent their group at the Annual Delegate Meeting. Let’s say this person brings all the information to the group at a business meeting, gets a group conscience, has their marching orders (vote yes on this, no on that, yes on the other, etc.) and then arrives at the Delegate Meeting. While there, they learn a completely new piece of information about such-and-such proposal, that completely changes their understanding of the proposal! That wasn’t what the group hadn’t discussed at all. Are they obligated to vote the way the group originally instructed them, even though the group didn’t have this new piece of information? Does the Delegate have to pause at the break and call everyone on the call list from their meeting to get a new group conscience? Do they have to throw up their hands and abstain from voting?

No, no, and no!

Right of decision means that, when the representative gets new information, they incorporate it into their interpretation of the group’s original decision. They make an informed decision on how to vote, knowing the concerns and priorities of the group, and making a decision that is in line with those concerns and priorities!

In this way, those who are representing groups of COSAs are neither hamstrung by the past nor are they micro-managed by their groups. Instead, they are empowered make informed decisions based on their own consciences!

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