Sometimes we hear “The Promises” in our meetings, only to find out that what is being read are only the 9th step promises! Along with permission to use the 12 steps, traditions, and concepts of service, COSA also has permission from AA to use the 9th step promises straight from their “big book”. That’s a little-known fact. Here’s another one: there are actually “promises” for each of the 12 steps! 

The Fourth Step Promises:

* To the extent that we rely on and follow our higher power’s guidance, we are able to meet calamity with serenity. We commence to outgrow fear. 

Note that it says “commence” — begin — not “we have totally outgrown fear”! I think this is really a side effect from the commitment we make in Step 3. We made the decision to let a power greater than ourselves (whatever that means for each of us) heal our thoughts and actions, by working the steps. And then moved on to start making good on our part of that deal. As a result, we began developing a connection with, and a trust in, that “power greater than ourselves”. And the more we seek and follow guidance from that power, the more we react with serenity when something scary comes up. (Really this is more of a tautology than a promise, but it does describe where we find ourselves when we take these actions.)

I’m going to send them each out separately (there are four more) and share my own thoughts on them. These are just my own thoughts, you certainly shouldn’t treat them as gospel. Please feel free to share your own experience, strength, and/or hope — or questions!